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Celtic Jewellery

Jewellery from┬áCeltic times trace its roots from the second millennium BC to the first century BC, Celt – a member of an early Indo-European people had spread over much of Europe creating an art form that is both unique and timeless. The Celts believed in reincarnation i.e. continuous rebirth until complete spiritual fulfillment is achieved. This jewellery created by Celts and dedicated to Celtic symbolism is the immortal and priceless gift to human civilization. Celtic symbolism has continued to generate interest among people even today and surprisingly is still much sought after. Many of the ancient religious beliefs that gave rise to various designs have survived.

Hamilton & Young is a Scottish family owned jewellery company, founded and run by husband and wife team Gordon Young and June Hamilton. Based in Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile, specialising in providing distinctive jewellery and gifts in traditional Celtic, Mackintosh, Luckenbooth and Scottish Thistle designs.

We also offer a number of different pieces, made by Heathergems, which is a unique and imaginative range of Scottish jewellery and giftware, made in Pitlochry, Scotland – from natural heather stems.

Below are examples of Jewellery we have available in our shop, however if there is something specific that you are looking for and cannot find it below, please contact us – we will be able to source it for you.