Available Tartans for Hire

The Royal Stewart tartan is the best known tartan of the royal House of Stewart, and is also the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth II. It is appropriate for all subjects of Elizabeth II to wear the Royal Stewart tartan, in much the same way that clansmen may wear the tartan of their clan chief.

The Flower of Scotland tartan is predominantly blue, green, black and red. The Flower of Scotland Tartan was a specially created tartan woven as a tribute to the late Roy Williamson, writer of the words and music of Scotland’s national song, Flower of Scotland.

Black Watch bears the name of the famous 42nd Royal Highland Regiment. First raised in 1729, as four independent Companies of Highlanders to patrol and keep the peace – known as the “Watchers over the Highlands”.

The inspiration for Scotland the Brave tartan came from the words of Cliff Hanley’s song Scotland the Brave. Colours used are traditionally associated with Scotland. Navy Blue and White were used to represent the Saltire, with the green and Purple used for the Thistle.

The MacKenzie Modern tartan is a predominantly green and blue tartan with red and white. From the Gaelic “Maccoinneach” meaning “fair, bright one”, the MacKenzies are thought to descend from the ancient royal house of Lorn. The clan held lands in Ross-shire, stretching from the Outer Hebrides in the west, to the Black Isle in the east.

The Dark Isle tartan – The ultimate expression of style – Scottish style.

The Gordon Clan Modern tartan is predominantly navy blue and green with black and yellow. The name Gordon is territorial and the family who took the name are believed to have been of Anglo-Norman descent, moving from the Borders to Aberdeenshire.

The Graham of Montrose tartan is a predominantly green tartan with navy blue and a white stripe through it. The Grahams of Montrose date back to the 12th century and are recorded as being brave knights who fought in many of Scotlands battles, including the Battle of Flodden in 1513.

The MacGregor Modern tartan is a predominantly red and green tartan with white. The MacGregor’s motto “My blood is royal” is their claim to royal descent. The clan were one of the most famous victims of the Clan Campbell’s expansionism.

The Fraser Modern Tartan is predominantly Red, Blue and Green with a white stripe through it. It is extremely popular for people surnamed Fraser to name their sons Simon as there have been many notable Simon Frasers throughout the Clan’s history; The first Fraser in Scotland, a man executed for fighting alongside Robert the Bruce and the progenitor of Clan Fraser of Lovat – all named Simon Fraser. He was the first Fraser to appear in Scotland in about 1160 when Simon Fraser held lands at Keith in East Lothian.

The MacDonald Modern Tartan is predominantly Navy and Green with Red stripes through the set.
There are more than 40 tartans associated with the MacDonald clan. The history of the various Clan Donald branches are intricately interwoven; and more people across the world claim descent from Clan Donald than from any other Scottish clan.  For almost 400 years the MacDonalds ruled the seas and built an empire big enough to challenge Scotland’s kings. And their story starts with an extraordinary man – Somerled, the greatest of all Celtic warrior kings. Born, it’s thought, in Morvern around 1113, this half Norse, half Celtic warrior defeated the Vikings and rose to such power that Somerled and his descendants were known as the Lords of the Isles.

LIMITED SIZES AVAILABLE, in the following tartans:

Black Stewart, Gunn Ancient, Saffron
Welsh National, Forsyth, Macaulay
Kerr, Robertson, Douglas and MacLachlan