How to wear a kilt

1. Most men agree that it is easier to put socks and shoes on first. Socks are drawn on and the top 100mm or 4 inches turned over and folded down the calf. The garter flashes should be tied on around the calf with the flash on the outside of the calf, slightly forward of halfway, at say, two thirty if the foot is 12 o’clock.

2. Brogues should be worn to complete the look. The shoe is fitted and then the long laces are tied as such: tighten the laces in the shoe, note there is no tongue, and then twist them together 7 times. Keeping the twists tight pull them against the shin and then tie the laces once behind the shin, bring the lace forward into a tight bow at the front of the shin with the tassels hanging free.

3. The shirt should be fitted next. Fit the shirt normally, finishing the sleeves with either buttons or cufflinks.

4. Take the kilt and open it, unbuckling the side straps. Stand before a mirror or get someone to assist you if this is the first time you have worn a kilt

5. Open the kilt, and holding it in both arms, behind you, with pleats falling at your back, wrap it around your middle, not the hips. Fasten the one strap through the small slip on the side and buckle it. Swing the apron now over to the other side and fasten the two straps firmly. The kilt should be around the waist. Ensure that the 2 “aprons” are level at waistline and that the Kilt Pin is visible on the upper-apron, as we have supplied it to you. The kilt must be worn at navel (tummy-button) level, and lower edge should reach the top of your knee cap, when standing up straight (not kneeling).

6. Put on Sporran straps around your body to pass through the 2 loops at the back of the kilt. Fasten the buckle. Sporran is to hang comfortably.

7. Put on waist belt – through the same 2 loops at the back of the Kilt. Fasten buckle at waist-centered.

8. The Sgian Dubh (pronounced Skeen Du’) should be flipped into the right sock behind the flash, if you are right handed; or slipped into the left sock, if you are left handed.

9. The waistcoat may be fitted normally, and buttoned.

10. The jacket too may be worn normally – the jacket does not fasten in the front and is designed to be left open.

11. Check that everything is symmetrical i.e. buckle centered; bow tie centered, sporran centered, socks even height etc.

12. To Sit – place both hands behind you and flatten pleats – then “slide” back onto your chair. Push the sporran down between your legs (sporrans have many uses!)